Cliff House

From Wikipedia:

"The Cliff House is a neo-classical style building perched on the headland above the cliffs just north of Ocean Beach, in the Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The building overlooks the site of the Sutro Baths ruins, Seal Rocks, and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, operated by the National Park Service (NPS). The Cliff House is owned by the NPS; the building's terrace hosts a room-sized camera obscura."

Featured attractions on site include the (former) Cliff House Restaurant, Musée  Mécanique, camera obscura (aka the Giant Camera), and a National Park Service Visitor Center. The restaurant is currently closed, a casualty of the late Viral Unpleasantness. I have heard a rumor that it could possibly reopen in the near future. Meanwhile, I believe all of the other attractions remain in service and accessible to the public.

At the time that I took these photos, mostly 1983-86, Cliff House was a hotbed of tourist activity (including my occasional appearances), which I undertook to capture on 35mm transparencies and black and white negative film. 

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